Custom Software Development: Process Plan

AWATASoftSys, follows the best practices reported as industry standard in the software development process. The software development plan or life cycle, in general, includes the key steps indicated below.

Software Development life cycle

Depending on clients' specifications, budget and time contraints, we include all or some of the steps during software development. In any project we advocate waterfall methodology, that is, to follow small incremental development path so the client can quantify output and measure the speed of AWATASoftSys's software development team.

Communication during software development cycle

As a software development company, we work with clients abroad in different timezones. The clients do not see us face-to-face. So it is very important for us to communicate clearly with our clients and expect the same from them. We achieve that via emails and pre-scheduled conference calls.

As part of our software development activity, the software projects undertaken by us can be grouped under the below categories.

Domain Expertise

AWATASoftSys has expertise in developing software in the following areas / domains.

  • E-commerce
  • Document preparation, Management
  • Realestate / Mortgage
  • Health care & Training
  • Procurement and Distribution
  • HR - attendance & leave processing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Computer - telephony / IVR


Paper-less offices use our software to allow users to e-sign documents online ...

Mobile software can be developed using different platforms and languages ...

Generate database-driven document on-the-fly, from any where, any time ...

Based on our research we have come up with SEO ideas and helped our clients' web sites achieve good ranks ...

Using Speech servers we have developed computer-telephony applications for ...

Using the full-text search (Lucene) API we have developed applications ...

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